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Easy turnkey software Solution for private, charter, public school districts automating application, registration, enrollment, tuition management and online payments


We understand that student retention is your number one priority at this time.  How do you differentiate yourself now from other schools with distance learning in place?  We also understand the importance of creating a welcoming and inviting first impression for prospective families. With K-12 Online’s robust system that includes ONLINE forms, recommendation, tuition and fee payments, schools can move from manual, paper  and in-person processes to retain and  increase enrollment PLUS streamline operations.


We understand that the reason you became a charter school is because you have something different to offer. We understand that resources are scarce. We understand the need to make it as easy for prospective families to enroll and financially support your school. How do you still get that support with distance learning and no volunteers? K-12 Online's turnkey solution features a COMPLETE ONLINE single- or multi-step application process that eliminates the need for parents to come to school plus gives opportunities to raise much needed funds during this time.


We understand that Distance Learning is now the new norm. So, how do you keep your district in compliance and not vulnerable to lawsuits during this time? With no in-person collaboration, K-12 Online ensures districts and schools receive the necessary permissions, forms and payments from parents completely online.  K-12 Online's integrated system allows districts and schools to easily customize their own forms and webstore in minutes which ensures consistent data gathering, reporting and transparent financial auditing across schools.

What we do

K-12 Online saves school admins and parents time by eliminating paperwork, redundant data entry and multiple software programs through its turnkey online forms,  payments and tuition solution, creating a positive user experience for all.

Online Forms & Documents

Eliminate outdated and inaccurate student information and obtain necessary school liability waivers to avoid unnecessary problems and potential lawsuits.  Our robust online system allows schools to easily create their own custom forms reports that can be used for all necessary permissions, waivers, information for your parents. 

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Ad-hoc Reports

Streamline operations and learn from your data by developing custom reports from information gathered through your forms.  Our intuitive system allows schools to easily create their own customized reports with as much or as little data as you need.

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Online Financial Obligation Payments

Recoup thousands of dollars by assessing financial obligations to students...from broken devices, lost text and library books to after-school care and lunch payments. Our district-wide system allows the financial obligation to be assessed even when the student has been promoted to a different school, allowing the district to reduce the number of outstanding payments and improve physical text book returns.

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Simplify item and fee purchases for Schools, PTAs, Boosters, Foundations, Athletics and more. Webstore allows parents to purchase items that can be customized by grade.  Mandatory forms can be assigned to any item purchase making waivers and legal liability a breeze. Fund Accounting with Reconciliation and Closeouts allow schools to designate funds to the proper GL Accounts.

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Online Fee Payments

recommendation module for private schools k12online

Eliminate multiple systems that don’t talk to each other and simplify the online payment process to eliminate redundant work for admins, increase funds for schools, ensure a clean financial audit trail and create a positive user experience for parents. Assess fees, fines and solicit donations with our online payment and Point of Sale solution. 

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Tuition Management

Simplify the tuition creation and administration process for admins.  Give more control to admins to manage tuition accounts rather than a 3rd party vendor that doesn't understand the family's circumstances, which eliminates frustration and creates goodwill with parents. Receive tuition funds the next business day following parent payment. Give parents an easy and transparent way to pay tuition with automated reminders and followup. 

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School Applications & Recommendations

recommendation module for private schools k12online

Eliminate the cumbersome, time consuming and tedious application process for private schools through a streamlined system that simplifies the workflow for admins and makes it easier for prospective families to apply, resulting in increased student applications

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What they say

Most importantly, the registration process has been overwhelmingly popular with our parents, who no longer dread the registration packet of papers they used to spend hours filling out with the same information over and over again. It is times for schools to incorporate this new technology` to make `the start of school an enjoyable and efficient experience for all.

Saul Gleser
Assistant Principal at Northwood High

Who we are

Saving You Money, Time, and Resources

K-12 Online™ is a school software solution that eliminates all your paper and cash processes to streamline information and form gathering and payment transactions between your parents and your school.  This streamlines new student enrollment and application, simplifies returning student registration, updates annual student information and processes all financial transactions for public schools, private schools, faith-based schools, independent schools, charter schools and public school districts.  

This simple, yet robust school online forms and school financial management system features custom forms, reports and a fully integrated e-commerce and P. O. S (in-person) payment system, a recommendation and tuition management system. The integrated online payment system and fund account management system allow schools to assess tuition, fees, fines, solicit donations and sell items with various payment methods.  The system tracks student purchases, payments and deposits by general ledger (GL) number making reconciliation and closeout a breeze. Custom programming can be done to upload deposits into your accounting software system.  K-12 Online™ immediately increases organization efficiency, reduces workloads, eliminates paper, generates immediate revenue for your school and most important, provides a positive user experience for your admin and parents.

K-12 Online™ started in 2009 when Michelle Sam, a kindergarten parent, was appalled by the amount of paper she received for her daughter's registration.  Not only were there over 25 forms to complete, but also much of the information needed was redundant.  The forms took about 45 minutes to complete, which included writing five different checks for payments to various organizations.  Submitting the forms at school was also a long process, with a wait time of over an hour.  As a school volunteer, Michelle also noticed that many of the completed forms were thrown away by the school. Thus, as a management consultant, she decided to help the school develop workflows and processes that would streamline its registration process, save the school, district money and improve the parents experience!  Over the course of several years, Michelle worked with parents, adjunct organizations, nurses, school and district admins to develop a comprehensive and robust system that would meet schools' needs. 

K-12 Online™ focuses on developing its software not only for public schools, but with additional features that benefit smaller private schools. The recommendation module and tuition management modules have been created to alleviate admin from hours of management and babysitting as well as saving parents thousands of dollars in fees.  Parents also appreciate the ease of use and transparency of the tuition system. K-12 Online has grown substantially to service all types of schools nationwide and in Canada.