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Get 10 Easy Hacks to Increase Student Enrollment

Need to Increase Student Enrollment? Learn How

Overhead for any school runs pretty high, and the only way to keep the lights on is to enroll students, retain students and keep costs down. That’s often easier said than done in an educational market, where parents are growing more and more able to shop for schools for their children and school choice is on the rise. So how does a Catholic, faith-based, private school compete in this market? K­-12 Online, together with Grow School Enrollment, has co-authored a series of “10 Easy Hacks to Increase Student Enrollment.” This email series will explain how to effectively market your school and the reasons behind those marketing strategies. We will be answering the marketing principles of WHO, WHAT, WHY and HOW as it relates to your school.

Over the course of 10 weeks, we will be covering the following:

  • Know Your Audience
  • What Is Your Product?
  • Brand Identity
  • Getting Noticed: Internal
  • Getting Noticed: External
  • Increasing Visits
  • Reduce Barriers to Entry
  • Promotion
  • Social Media
  • Retention

If you are interested in this series…as all private schools should be, fill out this form and we’ll put you on the mailing list to receive these 10 hacks over the course of the next few weeks!

Need a Solution to Too Many School Software Programs?

School software programs solution

K-12 Online provides schools with a solution to streamline multiple processes.

If you’re a school administrator, chances are your school has many software programs to assist with administrative duties in addition to your student information system. Maybe your school has an online payment solution that allows students and parents to make purchases at home or on the go. Your school may have a program that keeps track of which students have fees and fines to pay. You may have another system that manages your tuition.  Perhaps your school uses an online service to carry out registration each year or your school may be using a combination of several online programs.

Whether your school uses one or many online programs to handle administrative duties, there are often issues involved with these programs. Here are some of the challenges schools face when transitioning to an online process:

  1. Confusion as to how potential new programs would overlap and integrate with the ones currently in use
  2. Fear that staff members will find it difficult to learn so many different software programs for the various purposes
  3. Fear that parents will resist accessing one program for one thing, another program for another thing and yet another program for something else.

Schools that are already making use of multiple software programs often have excessive siloed programs. When none of the programs “talk to” each other, staff members are faced with inconvenience, confusion, and plenty of lost time because:

  1. Parts of data are found in certain programs and not in others
  2. Redundant data entry is required since the programs are not connected
  3. Each program needs its own training and comes with its own technical challenges

Isn’t your time more valuable than this?

Here at K-12 Online, our goal is to help you free up valuable time by providing you and your parents with a comprehensive online solution that encompasses student application, registration, student information handling, online payments (including tuition, fees, and fines) all in one simple, powerful user interface. It’s costly and tedious to spend time learning several programs that each perform just one of the many tasks that schools have computerized. By streamlining these programs, you rid your staff of these unnecessary menial tasks which will free up time for you and your staff members to focus on more important activities that benefit the school and its students.

From your parents’ perspective, a seamless, painless solution that handles everything without having them jump through hoops, such as creating multiple accounts for the multiple programs just to apply or register their children, creates a positive user experience and a welcoming environment, sending parents the message that your school values their time.

With K-12 Online, you’ll be able to immediately eliminate paperwork, streamline your online processes, and optimize student enrollment for maximum efficiency. For administrators and teachers alike, it often feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day, especially if many of those hours are occupied by menial tasks like data entry into online programs. So we’ve created a one-stop shop so that you can devote more time into doing what matters.

Unreliable online programs and unpleasant user experiences can exhaust administrators, frustrate teachers, and deter prospective families. Don’t let inefficient and ineffective programs waste you any more time and money! Learn how you can become a student-centered school by scheduling a demo today at or downloading a private school case study at

Student Online Registration: “Nothing Short of Absolutely Amazing!”

Now families can do student online registration for school the same way they buy movie tickets and order pizza, and school districts are freed from an ocean of paperwork.

This hosted solution comes from K-12 Online. The student online registration system was tested at a California school district in 2011 with astounding results. An ordeal that previously took three or more hours, bringing comparisons to airline travel and Christmas at the post office, was reduced to an average of 40 minutes.

One administrator called the pilot project, “Nothing short of absolutely amazing.” Another stressed how it freed teachers and staff from shuffling papers and allowed them to talk with students and parents and take advantage of the day that shapes first impressions of a new school. READ MORE » » »

Eco-Friendly Schools Save Money and Resources with Online Registration

Becoming an eco-friendly school is made easy with the K-12 Online registration process.

Are you an eco-friendly school? One of the foremost concerns of this era is conservation. With current issues such as deforestation, overpopulation, the greenhouse gas effect, and global warming, schools have been trying more and more to educate the next generation about environmental conservation. Most schools have already integrated recycling systems by separating bins for plastic waste, metal waste, electronic waste, and paper. Using web-based technology, school administrators can teach students by setting an example. Schools can be eco-friendly from the very start: during enrollment and registration.

Step 1. Eliminate unnecessary forms.

Traditional method: In order to cater to the different needs of each student and their family during enrollment and registration, schools include all possible information flyers and reports as well as forms in multiple languages within a bulky registration packet.

“It takes one 15-year old tree to produce half a box of paper.”

Eco-friendly method: With web forms, parents and guardians can access all pertinent forms, flyers, and reports via the web, and they can read these in their native language by choosing from the multiple language options. READ MORE » » »

Online Registration Systems Save Schools Time and Money

online registration saves money for schools

Some California Districts have made it their goal to figure out ways to save their schools time and money and service their “customers” better.

For one school in California, its goal was to reduce the time students and parents spent waiting in line during the registration process. The administration understood that students’ and parents’ time is important and wanted to find an effortless way to achieve their goal during registration, a time when students and parents come to school prior to the beginning of school to register their students.

According to Aaron Peralta, Principal of Costa Mesa Middle School in California, implementation of K-12 Online‘s online registration reduced the time spent by students and parents in line to about 45 minutes. The previous year, parents and students waited close to 3 hours. Not only did the online registration system save time for the students and parents, but the easy usage and ability to prepay for school items was a great feature.  Unlike some built-in SIS registration systems, K-12 Online is more robust with many features that ultimately save schools time and money.


Five Easy Ways Schools Can Save Money


During the difficult challenge of finding ways to save money, administrators are looking in all areas to make positive changes without sacrificing the quality of education and services to their students. Rather than sacrificing the quality of the educational experience for students, administrators can look at their administrative processes and procedures to determine where and how they are spending time and money.

1. As many educational technologies advance, schools are now able to take advantage of more solutions to eliminate unnecessary costs. These advances include automating the system of communication between administration and parents, student information system that hold important student information (grades, progress reports, attendance), and online registration systems which, if taken advantage of, can be a benefit to all involved.


Five Main Advantages of Online School Registration

line-2Who’s setting up the tables? Did I remember to give the supply cabinet key to Mr. Smith to get materials for the signs? Whew, these lines are taking forever. Oh no, is that irate mother headed my way with more complaints? How many days left until summer?

Excessive use of time and materials can make registration a nightmare for public and private schools alike. Even smaller charter and private schools struggle to make registration an efficient process for administrators, teachers, parents, and students. Online registration is a wonderful opportunity for a school district or a charter school to redirect its energy towards the parents and students who need it, while leaving the paperwork aspect of the job in one secure and convenient location.

Five Main Advantages of Online Registration:


Choosing an Online Registration Software System for Schools?

One-click management

According to Capterra, choosing an online school registration software that considers the needs of students and teachers – not just district administration – is important. All software companies may claim that their product will save you time and money, but it is not as simple as you may think. Your choice should seamlessly convey your schools’ business logic and processes.

First and foremost, online registration would be right for you if you currently process student enrollment and registration manually or with an outdated computer system. Perhaps you would like to expand your institution and enroll more students, or you find that your school administration system is pushed to the limit by relying on manual forms of data management, like printed copies of forms or Excel spreadsheets.

When looking for a school online registration system, make sure you are inclusive with representatives of the student body, parents, and administration. Does the registration process make sense for the parents and is it easy to understand? If there is a registration week for students to bring in required documents, how will the system track that? Are parents able to purchase items through an online Webstore while completing the enrollment forms? Can students enroll or make purchases year-round? Does the online registration system integrate with your current school management software? These are among the many questions that can be asked to determine which online registration system is right for you!


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