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Student Online Registration: “Nothing Short of Absolutely Amazing!”

Now families can do student online registration for school the same way they buy movie tickets and order pizza, and school districts are freed from an ocean of paperwork.

This hosted solution comes from K-12 Online. The student online registration system was tested at a California school district in 2011 with astounding results. An ordeal that previously took three or more hours, bringing comparisons to airline travel and Christmas at the post office, was reduced to an average of 40 minutes.

One administrator called the pilot project, “Nothing short of absolutely amazing.” Another stressed how it freed teachers and staff from shuffling papers and allowed them to talk with students and parents and take advantage of the day that shapes first impressions of a new school. READ MORE » » »

Online Registration Systems Save Schools Time and Money

online registration saves money for schools

Some California Districts have made it their goal to figure out ways to save their schools time and money and service their “customers” better.

For one school in California, its goal was to reduce the time students and parents spent waiting in line during the registration process. The administration understood that students’ and parents’ time is important and wanted to find an effortless way to achieve their goal during registration, a time when students and parents come to school prior to the beginning of school to register their students.

According to Aaron Peralta, Principal of Costa Mesa Middle School in California, implementation of K-12 Online‘s online registration reduced the time spent by students and parents in line to about 45 minutes. The previous year, parents and students waited close to 3 hours. Not only did the online registration system save time for the students and parents, but the easy usage and ability to prepay for school items was a great feature.  Unlike some built-in SIS registration systems, K-12 Online is more robust with many features that ultimately save schools time and money.


Five Easy Ways Schools Can Save Money


During the difficult challenge of finding ways to save money, administrators are looking in all areas to make positive changes without sacrificing the quality of education and services to their students. Rather than sacrificing the quality of the educational experience for students, administrators can look at their administrative processes and procedures to determine where and how they are spending time and money.

1. As many educational technologies advance, schools are now able to take advantage of more solutions to eliminate unnecessary costs. These advances include automating the system of communication between administration and parents, student information system that hold important student information (grades, progress reports, attendance), and online registration systems which, if taken advantage of, can be a benefit to all involved.


Five Main Advantages of Online School Registration

line-2Who’s setting up the tables? Did I remember to give the supply cabinet key to Mr. Smith to get materials for the signs? Whew, these lines are taking forever. Oh no, is that irate mother headed my way with more complaints? How many days left until summer?

Excessive use of time and materials can make registration a nightmare for public and private schools alike. Even smaller charter and private schools struggle to make registration an efficient process for administrators, teachers, parents, and students. Online registration is a wonderful opportunity for a school district or a charter school to redirect its energy towards the parents and students who need it, while leaving the paperwork aspect of the job in one secure and convenient location.

Five Main Advantages of Online Registration:


Choosing an Online Registration Software System for Schools?

One-click management

According to Capterra, choosing an online school registration software that considers the needs of students and teachers – not just district administration – is important. All software companies may claim that their product will save you time and money, but it is not as simple as you may think. Your choice should seamlessly convey your schools’ business logic and processes.

First and foremost, online registration would be right for you if you currently process student enrollment and registration manually or with an outdated computer system. Perhaps you would like to expand your institution and enroll more students, or you find that your school administration system is pushed to the limit by relying on manual forms of data management, like printed copies of forms or Excel spreadsheets.

When looking for a school online registration system, make sure you are inclusive with representatives of the student body, parents, and administration. Does the registration process make sense for the parents and is it easy to understand? If there is a registration week for students to bring in required documents, how will the system track that? Are parents able to purchase items through an online Webstore while completing the enrollment forms? Can students enroll or make purchases year-round? Does the online registration system integrate with your current school management software? These are among the many questions that can be asked to determine which online registration system is right for you!


Alabama School District Addresses Parent Woes With K-12 Online



Jefferson County Schools in Birmingham, Alabama will be implementing K-12 Online’s Online Registration System with its Integrated Webstore and Reconciliation System this fall.

Jefferson County Board of Education, Alabama’s 2nd largest school district, has taken action to streamline registration for both parents and school staff.  This year, 36,000 students will be using K-12 Online’s Registration System to seamlessly integrate with Chalkable (formerly STI’S INOW), update demographic information, acknowledge permissions, pay for school items, and make donations….online!


10 Questions to Help you Select an Online School Registration System

Do you currently process student enrollment and registration forms manually or with an outdated software system? Are you (and your employees) working overtime during peak enrollment weeks? Do you want to expand your institution and enroll more students and find that your student information system (SIS) is relying on manual forms for student information updates?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then an online registration system may be right for you. However, finding the perfect system can be a daunting and exhaustive task. Choosing an online school registration system that is inclusive and considers the needs of parents, students, teachers and administration is important. Consider the below in your process as you review online school registration systems to ensure the service provider you select will perform how and when you need it. READ MORE » » »

Schools with Custom Online Forms for Registration Win BIG!

Why are schools always the last institution to change? Why are parents still receiving huge packets of school forms in the mail for registration? With the budget crisis, schools need to change to a paperless system. Schools throughout the country are using custom online forms for registration.

One school in California mentioned that his district went through 22 pallets of paper a year, just in the central copy room. That’s not including the paper that the individual schools are using. Some progressive schools have switched to eco-friendly, paperless online forms using the K-12 Online system. READ MORE » » »

Why is School Choice Gaining Popularity?

As parents look into more options for educating their children, one that continues to gain popularity is school choice – the freedom to choose where your child goes to school.

Most residence of a community pay tax dollars to help subsidize the cost of education in their district. School choice allows parents the ability to decide how their tax dollars are being applied and more importantly, how their child is being educated.

There are many school choice options: Private schools, charter schools, homeschooling, and online learning. Having the ability to choose a school levels the playing field for families, while encouraging healthy competition among schools to better service their needs.

Over the last few years, parents have been taking their child’s education into their own hands. Empowering parents with the ability to handpick a school of choice makes them feel as if their child is receiving the best possible education and one that is appropriate to their level of learning. Some public schools are highly accomplished and parents may feel it’s too competitive and will create a stressful environment for their child. While other parents place high academic standards on their children and feel that their home school is not stringent enough. Yet, for others the choice stems from how their child will assimilate or behave within a certain environment.

Whatever the reason a parent decides to follow the path of school choice, there is no denying that there is a growing threat to public schools. Many have experienced a decline in enrollment over the years and a few have even been forced to close their doors.

As doors close, opportunities are being opened for choice schools. We’ve seen charter schools gaining popularity and registration and wait list numbers increasing. There are pros and cons to any decision, however the more we can provide equality in education and give children the same opportunity to learn, the better off we are as a society in producing successful adults.

There are many types of school choice programs. Each state has its own set of regulations regarding school choice. Some states, such as California do not offer private school choice programs, but do allow online and charter school options, as well as intradistrict and interdistrict public school choice. Visit Freedman Foundation for Education Choice and find out more information about school choice options in your state.

Private Schools: Incorporating Online Application Systems

Does your private school have an online application system? The ease of enrollment affects whether a parent will even bother to apply to a school. If the enrollment experience is pleasant, it creates a good first impression of the school. It shows that the school cares and has made the effort to create a pleasant experience. It also demonstrates that the school is at the cutting edge of technology and implies that this would also be evident in the classroom.

The K-12 Online student application, enrollment, and registration system allows students to submit their entire application, including essays and personal statements, online. This process saves paper and resources. Parents can even scan and upload pictures and documents that are part of their application. When they hit the submit button, their application is sent. No papers, no postage! READ MORE » » »

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