About k-12 Online

School Online Registration Software and Student Information Management

K-12 Online™ is a school management software solution that streamlines new student enrollment and application, simplifies returning student online registration and updates the student information system for public schools, private schools, independent schools, charter schools and the public school district.

​This school online registration and school management system eliminates the costly, time and labor intensive paper-based processes that waste valuable school resources. Featuring custom forms, reports and a fully integrated webstore, K-12 Online™ immediately increases organization, reduces workloads, eliminates paper and generates revenue for your school!

​The integrated e-commerce / webstore and fund account management system allows schools to assess fees for lost textbooks / library books, solicit donations and sell items with various payment methods and track student purchases, payments and deposits. A simple, independent, payment and donation option also exists with low discount fees, specifically tailored for non-profits.

​This student online enrollment and school online registration system is the smart Student Information System add-on that keeps your student information system's pertinent records updated.

What is K-12 Online?

K-12 Online™ is an all-in-one student registration system that optimizes student application, enrollment and registration; streamlines document management and automatically updates the student information system by replacing old and outdated paper-based systems with convenient, automated and customized online forms, reports and online payment systems. 

Our Story

The idea of online registration and digital school forms evolved from one kindergartner parent ‘s belief that there had to be a better, more efficient way to manage student enrollment and school registration than the outdated, costly and time intensive paper-based methods commonly used by schools and districts in the USA.  As a member of the PTA board, she realized the amount of manpower and resources consumed by the school just for school enrollment and registration. She decided to research whether there were better options available. Working closely with school administration, they decided that what was currently available on market did not quite meet their needs and decided to develop a system that addressed the painpoints or all stakeholders…parents, adjunct organizations like PTAs & foundations, the school and the district.
As a progressive company focused on developing software for schools, Jireh Infosystems developed K-12 Online™ to automate workflow procedures, eliminate paper processes and streamline school enrollment in ways that saves schools significant money, time and resources. To this day, we continue to work closely with our school partners to constantly develop features that assist them in their operations and take advantage of technological advancements

Mission Statement

K-12 Online is committed to developing eco-friendly school software that eliminate inefficient, costly and labor intensive paper processes and allow resources to be redirected in ways that improve student achievement and enhance the learning experience.