Two Schools to Pilot Online Registration System


COSTA MESA – To lighten parents’ paperwork in signing their children up for the next scholastic year, the Newport-Mesa Unified School District this summer will pilot an online registration system at Costa Mesa and Corona del Mar high schools.

The school board on Tuesday night approved a contract with Jireh Information Systems, Inc. to try a school registration and student management software program called K-12 Online. It will replace the back-to-school stack of papers parents fill out every summer with an online system.

“[We thought] there’s got to be a better way,” said George Knights, the district’s director of professional learning communities and K-12 assessment. “It’s easier to do taxes … than register your children for high school or middle school.”


10 Questions to Help you Select an Online School Registration System

Do you currently process student enrollment and registration forms manually or with an outdated software system? Are you (and your employees) working overtime during peak enrollment weeks? Do you want to expand your institution and enroll more students and find that your student information system (SIS) is relying on manual forms for student information updates?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then an online registration system may be right for you. However, finding the perfect system can be a daunting and exhaustive task. Choosing an online school registration system that is inclusive and considers the needs of parents, students, teachers and administration is important. Consider the below in your process as you review online school registration systems to ensure the service provider you select will perform how and when you need it. READ MORE » » »

Schools with Custom Online Forms for Registration Win BIG!

Why are schools always the last institution to change? Why are parents still receiving huge packets of school forms in the mail for registration? With the budget crisis, schools need to change to a paperless system. Schools throughout the country are using custom online forms for registration.

One school in California mentioned that his district went through 22 pallets of paper a year, just in the central copy room. That’s not including the paper that the individual schools are using. Some progressive schools have switched to eco-friendly, paperless online forms using the K-12 Online system. READ MORE » » »

Secrets to Maximizing Your Online Enrollment

Secrets to maximizing your online enrollment system

Overhead for any school runs pretty high, and the only way to keep the lights on is to enroll students. That’s often easier said than done in an educational market where parents are growing more and more able to shop for schools for their children and school choice is on the rise. Your online enrollment system is the gateway between your school and parents, so it is important to put an effective system in place.


Are Christian Schools Living Out Their Mission?

Are Christian schools living out their mission?

Open Season

It seems as though the dawn of each new day is met by a another report of a public school refusing to let a child pray before lunch (Source 1), or being suspended for reading their Bible (Source 2). For Christian parents, this all-out assault on traditional values presents a choice: either let their children be taught academics at school and morality at home, or remove them from these intolerant, secular environments and send them to Christian schools that will teach morality alongside academics.


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