10 Questions to Help you Select an Online School Registration System

Do you currently process student enrollment and registration forms manually or with an outdated software system? Are you (and your employees) working overtime during peak enrollment weeks? Do you want to expand your institution and enroll more students and find that your student information system (SIS) is relying on manual forms for student information updates?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then an online registration system may be right for you. However, finding the perfect system can be a daunting and exhaustive task. Choosing an online school registration system that is inclusive and considers the needs of parents, students, teachers and administration is important. Consider the below in your process as you review online school registration systems to ensure the service provider you select will perform how and when you need it.

 What to look for in an Online School Registration System

1. Does the system help reduce parents’ time spent filling out forms as well as waiting in line, creating a better experience for parents?
2. Can custom online forms be created and used year-round (i.e. field trip forms, special event sign-up, etc.), making the system more versatile rather than just for the beginning of the school year?
3. How easily can forms be created and edited, allowing schools to make necessary changes whenever they need for immediate use?
4. Does the system provide residency verification alerts, increasing your registrar’s operational efficiency?
5. Can forms be created and viewed in multiple languages, making it user-friendly for ALL parents?
6. Does the system have built-in ways to solicit donations, increasing your return on investment?
7. Will the system assist in recouping fees for lost text books, further saving your school money?
8. Are e-commerce and credit card processing capabilities offered, allowing parents to take care of all purchases online?
9. Does the software allow privileged-level access; allowing PTAs, Boosters to access system while still maintaining security of data?
10. Finally, it’s critical to make sure that the system you choose integrates with the school information system you currently have in place.

Bonus Questions based on comments and feedback:

  • Is the software all-inclusive, allowing you to utilize all applications at no extra charge?
  • Is customer and technical support provided for administrators and parents?
  • Does the company offer a “try before you buy” test site?


When looking for a school online registration system, make sure you’re inclusive with representatives of the student body, staff and parents involved in the discussions. Parents want registration to be quick and easy, while administrators want a lot of information. Any company can create an online registration system, but companies like K-12 Online that specialize in school management software know and understand the basic registration needs of K-12 schools and will help you identify the most useful features that work for your school and with your system.

If you are interested in how one district went through the selection process, we will send you a webinar link that explains how they went through that process.

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