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Handing student residency verfication with K-12 Online

Residency verification seems to be a growing concern for school districts and rightly so.  Schools spend countless resources and hours babysitting this process. On the other hand, parents dread this manual process of filling out proof of identity and proof of residency forms, not to mention faxing or returning the forms back to the school.  K-12 Online to the rescue!

Besides some built-in features that alerts school staff of a change of physical residency when parents update their students’ information, K-12 Online has also incorporated new technologies that may assist schools in this area.

1. School Districts just wants to make sure that students attending really do belong to the district.
2. Some parents don’t have scanners to upload documents to K-12 Online.
3. Schools want to make this process as painless as possible for parents.


1. Include the Proof of Residency in the K-12 Online registration forms.
2. Instruct parents that Proof of Residency will be verified at Check-in.
3. List the Residency form on the Completed Registration PDF
4. Proof of Residency form should have verbiage such as ‘I am uploading proof of residency documents “Yes” / “No”‘ (radio buttons). Don’t make uploading documents mandatory.
5. During check-in, if ‘I am uploading proof of residency documents  shows “Yes”‘, the person checking the student in, goes to the student’s individual Residency form in K-12 Online’s Individual form manager, looks at whether the documents are acceptable and if so, checks them in; otherwise don’t.
6. If ‘I am uploading proof of residency documents shows “No”‘, the person checking the student in, receives their photocopied documents and then attaches it to the PDF.  If they don’t bring in the documents, they cannot get “checked-in”.

So once students are checked in, this means that their residency has been verified. Thousands of hours saved by the school and a painless process for  parents.  Hope this helps!


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