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Online Registration and High School Athletics: More Than Meets the Eye

high school athleticsWhen you hear about online registration for schools, you probably think of nothing more than what the phrase implies – an online method of registering students for the back to school season. You might be surprised at the versatility of an online registration system with vital tools to support other areas such as high school athletics. Let’s use football as an example. Several issues, complications, and hassle can arise during football season. Some problems may include underfunded programs, a mountain of paperwork, and messy data collection. 

We’ve highlighted a few areas of a typical timeline associated with a high school football season below.  You may recognize some common problems and see how online registration can simplify the experience for athletic directors, students, and parents.

Pre-football season: Underfunded high school athletics programs

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Student Lunch Debt: A Growing Problem for Schools

school lunch debtIt’s common knowledge that school districts across the nation face budget crises. But what’s less common knowledge is that a large part of the crises can be attributed to student lunch debt. An Edweek study revealed that in 2010, a 21,000 student district registered $54,000 in unpaid meal debt. A poorer 9,000 student district in Connecticut registered more than $60,000 at one point.  What can be done to tackle these problems?

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Alabama School District Addresses Parent Woes With K-12 Online



Jefferson County Schools in Birmingham, Alabama will be implementing K-12 Online’s Online Registration System with its Integrated Webstore and Reconciliation System this fall.

Jefferson County Board of Education, Alabama’s 2nd largest school district, has taken action to streamline registration for both parents and school staff.  This year, 36,000 students will be using K-12 Online’s Registration System to seamlessly integrate with Chalkable (formerly STI’S INOW), update demographic information, acknowledge permissions, pay for school items, and make donations….online!

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CdM High’s Online Preregistration a Breeze


Journalists don’t much like good news. Give me a juicy scandal any day of the week, and I’m in my element.

So it’s with a touch of chagrin that I must admit that Newport-Mesa Unified School District’s pilot online preregistration project went well. Very well.


Let me at least remind you of last year’s registration fiasco at Corona del Mar High School, which was a model of DMV-like inefficiency and delayed plane flight-type frustration.

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Online School Registration Gets an A+


Online school registration gets good grade from parents, students

Newport-Mesa Unified officials say the system saves wait times, going from as much as four hours to a 45-minute average.

August 23, 2011|By Britney Barnes,
COSTA MESA — With the first day of school around the corner, parents and students headed to area campuses Tuesday to complete registration.

Corona del Mar High School seniors, Costa Mesa Middle School seventh-graders and their parents snaked their way around the campus from booth to booth to prepare for school.

This year, though, it took parents and teachers minutes — not hours — to finish.

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Online Registration: District Tests New System


Two campuses will have first crack at new program, which will allow for a more streamlined registration process.

August 18, 2011|By Britney Barnes,

School district officials expect to replace long lines in the sun with a quick and early trip to campus, thanks to online registration at Corona del Mar and Costa Mesa middle and high schools.

“What we’re hoping is that when people leave registration this year, they will have a huge smile on their faces and look forward to a terrific school year,” said Asst. Supt. Of Secondary Education Charles Hinman.

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Two Schools to Pilot Online Registration System


COSTA MESA – To lighten parents’ paperwork in signing their children up for the next scholastic year, the Newport-Mesa Unified School District this summer will pilot an online registration system at Costa Mesa and Corona del Mar high schools.

The school board on Tuesday night approved a contract with Jireh Information Systems, Inc. to try a school registration and student management software program called K-12 Online. It will replace the back-to-school stack of papers parents fill out every summer with an online system.

“[We thought] there’s got to be a better way,” said George Knights, the district’s director of professional learning communities and K-12 assessment. “It’s easier to do taxes … than register your children for high school or middle school.”

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