Avoiding the “Where Is My Child on the List?” Call



Parent tours, application submitting, and lottery night! Yep, it’s that time of year for selective enrollment schools. For parents, the gut wrenching, finger-crossed hope that their child gets accepted to a school of choice. And for admins, here come the “Where is my child on the list?” parent inquiry calls, acceptance letters, decline letters, sibling pairings, wait listing, and ideal classroom size selection process.

Yes, lottery and selective enrollment schools are happy to tout wait lists longer than the line of eager candidates whose spots they can fill, but they also dread the time consuming, tedious procedures of the process.

By automating the entire process from application to classroom selection, schools can save both parents and admins undue headache (and heartache). Does your current process allow you to effectively:
• Manage seat availability for each grade
• Generate individual or bulk acceptance and decline letters
• Send email alerts and notifications of wait list status and rank to parents
• Enroll multiple siblings at a time, avoiding redundant data entry
• Use an algorithm that assists with weight distribution and priorities
• Track applicants through the process from beginning to end

These are just some of the many benefits of using an online lottery management system. Such a system ensures fair placement of applicants, helps create ideal class sizes, and automates the application through selection process saving schools time and money. Admins no longer have to waste valuable time thumbing through printed pages to answer a parent’s “Where is my child is on the list?” call and parents no longer have to waste time asking admins about the status of their child’s placement. Ultimately, an online lottery management system stops the endless cycle of wasting the time of both parents and admins involved in a selective enrollment school.

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