Does Valentine’s Day have you seeing “RED”?

Valentine’s Day is the season of Red (and maybe a little pink), but who wants to operate in the “Red” all year long? Show your school how much you care about them this Valentine’s Day by helping them come out of the “Red” and into the “Black”.

Many schools are spending an enormous amount of money on their enrollment and registration processes. When you take into account the amount of paper required, number of staff members needed to work registration booths, and the amount of hours required to input information into the system, it seems silly to waste huge amounts of resources on an old, outdated, and cumbersome process.

Why not streamline the process with a more efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective approach that’s sure to help save money for your school. The K-12 Online school registration system offers a robust, cost-efficient system that helps schools do the following:

Save money:

  • No more registration packet postage and envelopes
  • No more paper used for printing
  • Schools save an average of $7.00-$47.00 (depending on their current process) per student

Save time and labor:

  • No more assembling registration packets
  • Eliminates sorting, processing and filing of paper forms
  • No parent volunteers required to assemble registration packets
  • A minimal number of volunteers required on registration day
  • Reduce IT support, no licensing agreements

Make money:

  • Easy webstore functionality
  • Fundraising
  • Schools can sell books through bulk book sales, receiving up to 50% of list price
  • Increase donations with credit card payments

Give us a call or take the free online assessment and let us help you move your “Red” from an existence to a passing season. Spread love and care throughout your school this Valentine’s Day!

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  • February 13, 2012
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