Eco-Friendly Schools Save Money and Resources with Online Registration

Becoming an eco-friendly school is made easy with the K-12 Online registration process.

Are you an eco-friendly school? One of the foremost concerns of this era is conservation. With current issues such as deforestation, overpopulation, the greenhouse gas effect, and global warming, schools have been trying more and more to educate the next generation about environmental conservation. Most schools have already integrated recycling systems by separating bins for plastic waste, metal waste, electronic waste, and paper. Using web-based technology, school administrators can teach students by setting an example. Schools can be eco-friendly from the very start: during enrollment and registration.

Step 1. Eliminate unnecessary forms.

Traditional method: In order to cater to the different needs of each student and their family during enrollment and registration, schools include all possible information flyers and reports as well as forms in multiple languages within a bulky registration packet.

“It takes one 15-year old tree to produce half a box of paper.”

Eco-friendly method: With web forms, parents and guardians can access all pertinent forms, flyers, and reports via the web, and they can read these in their native language by choosing from the multiple language options.

Step 2. Eliminate unnecessary paper-based processes.

Traditional method: School office administrators make multiple copies of reports for teachers and multiple copies of documents for updating student files. Additionally, while a student is going through the enrollment process, copies of important documents must be made as a record for the school and/or district.

“10,000 sheets of paper per year are used by a single US office worker.”

Eco-friendly method: K-12 Online integrates and updates student information. Student information is sorted automatically and can be accessed online during and after registration. Also, parents, guardians, and administrators have a document scanning option; they are able to scan and upload relevant documents to the student’s records.

Step 3. One paper, one student.

Traditional method: Each year, millions of students return to school with bulky registration packets and/or multiple printed forms.

“17 million trees per year are cut down to supply fax paper (alone) for the US …”

Eco-friendly method: Students return to school with a single document of signed acknowledgment.

“Rainforests once covered 14% of the earth’s land surface; now, they cover a mere 6%, and experts estimate that the last remaining rainforests could be consumed in less than 40 years.”

Before one district switched to the K-12 Online student registration process, its 17-page student handbooks sent to all the students consumed 60 trees!

“One tree can filter up to 60 pounds of pollutants from the air each year.”

Begin your next school year saving valuable resources. Set an example to your students and make an eco-friendly choice by choosing an online registration system that saves money, time, and resources.

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  • January 19, 2017
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