Enrollment & Registration

Streamline application, enrollment & registration

Improve application, enrollment, registration by automating process, creating a great first impression.  Customize parent view and flow by embedding welcome or instructional video.  Improve ease of use by allowing parents to easily update student’s pertinent information with pre-populated fields.

Ensure data security and accuracy

Data transfer encryption allows parent to enter data securely.  Role based privileges restricts access to pertinent information.  System validates data entered by parents then updates SIS with clean data.  System mandates all forms/permissions viewed and completed by parents.

Enhance ease of use and flexibility

Parents can complete forms, acknowledge permissions, pay fees, purchase items, upload documents, copy information to siblings if needed.  Admin can easily create ad-hoc custom forms and reports that can be activated / de-activated throughout the year.

Improve operations & increase funding

Obtaining registration data early improves master scheduling for classes.  Increases state funding with accurate demographic information.  Increases donations with integrated webstore.  Reduce resources and costs spent on registration.

Alan Engard IT Director

"The company uses all the safeguards needed to protect student information, and parents don’t have to worry about getting spammed. We’re very comfortable it maintains all the confidentiality and integrity of our data."