Lottery and Student Selection System

The lottery and student selection system automates the application process with a sophisticated algorithm that assists with weight distribution and priorities, enabling the school to have the ideal class.

Why use Online Lottery Management?

The student lottery management system aims to make student selection easy for both parents and school administrators. See the features below:

School Administration

  • Create custom forms to manage lottery priorities
  • Review student interest form and applications online
  • Customize forms for application, lottery and enrollment
  • View applications by criteria and status
  • Categorize applications for easy status identification
  • Send email alerts and notifications to parents
  • Application requirements ensure all requirements are met
  • Export application data
  • Generate custom ad-hoc reports
  • Email or Print letters from templates in bulk


  • Custom settings to meet district or school selection criteria/policies
  • Supports custom priorities and distribution weights
  • Random algorithm ensures fair placement of applicants
  • Manage seat availability for each grade, generating accepted and waiting lists
  • Run school-wide lottery or enhanced, grade-specific lottery.
  • Wait list management tools
  • Export lottery and wait lists for use in external programs
  • Print notification letters or send emails in bulk


  • Automatic movement from “wait lists??? to “selected lists,??? when “selected??? seats are declined by parents
  • Manually move applications within “wait lists??? or “selected lists???
  • Movement history and reason-for-movement tracking for administrators
  • Email notifications of wait list status and rank
  • Export student “selected lists??? and “wait lists???