Online Application and Registration Affordable for Small Schools Through K-12 Online

One of the toughest challenges in education is managing a small school. Budget cuts instituted on a statewide level affect both large and small districts alike, however, smaller schools tend to feel the crunch more when operating on an already meager budget.

In an age where everything is shifting towards digital, small schools cannot afford to fall behind. K-12 Online is the first online application and registration system to cater to small schools. Although the web-based application is designed for schools large and small, public and private, the product offers a solution for those districts and schools that otherwise would not be able to afford it.

This could not be more apparent than in a recent encounter between K-12 Online owner, Michelle Sam, and a private school principal.

Upon returning from lunch, Michelle was saddened to hear a voicemail from a small school who had a demo scheduled for later that day. The caller, who in a proactive attempt not to waste anyone’s time, apathetically decided to cancel the demo. She had just completed a demo with two other online registration companies and had come to the conclusion that the software would just be too expensive for their little school.

Michelle immediately returned the call, outlining K-12 Online’s software product and providing a rough estimate of cost. The caller was elated! She decided to go ahead with the demo and ultimately the school became K-12 Online’s newest client – the burden of affordable online application had been lifted.

“This is why we exist,??? explained Michelle Sam, owner K-12 Online, “I want small schools to have the same advantages and be able to operate with the same efficiency as larger schools and districts. Because we are committed to improving the education system as a whole, making online application affordable for small schools in the end ultimately benefit parents, teachers, administrators and students alike.???

Savvy schools know their future requires them to become more integrated with parents, teachers and students. The world we live in is becoming increasingly interconnected and small schools can’t afford to be left behind for the sake of our children, nor can they afford to pay large amounts of money to implement the necessary improvements.

K-12 Online was developed to combat the problems of school wastefulness and the excessive time and energy required to register K-12 students year after year. K-12 Online’s solution helps schools overcome online application and registration hassles by streamlining the process to be more cost effective and eco-friendly.

Finally, small schools and school districts can afford an online application, enrollment and registration system that not only saves them time, money and resources, but also helps generate money through fundraising tools.


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  • April 16, 2012
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