Providing Schools with

Easy systems for Admins and Families

What we do

Enrollment & Registration

Robust, online system for student application, enrollment and registration that keeps student information updated and streamlines school's admin workflow. Ability to create custom forms and reports.

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Online Payments

Assess fees & process payments with our account management system or solicit donations or sell school items through the webstore.  Simple school accounting, reconciliation and closeouts available.

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School Choice

Automate the student selection process with a system that uses a sophisticated algorithm to assist with priorities and distributions enabling the school to streamline workflow and have the ideal class.

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INTRODUCING a new way to $$$ FUNDRAISE $$$

Using technology for hassle-free fundraising. 

How much can your school save? 

Schools have saved thousands of dollars and hours simplifying their process, Fill out the form and we can give you an estimate!

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