Things Teachers Wished Principals Knew

Principals, pull up a chair: Here is what your teachers may or may not be telling you.

1. How much time, effort, and ‘free’ extra work they do for the school.

2. That school scores and standardized testing are not the only measure of a school’s quality.

3. How to provide fun, up-to-date training and professional development learning opportunities for everyone on the staff. And
if you can’t make it fun, then please bring bagels…food takes the edge off.

4. Principals need to have a vision for their building. They need to believe in their vision so all staff are inspired to get on board.

5. Make an effort to lead by showing not telling.

6. Technology is not just one more thing, but can actually support other initiatives you are trying to achieve.

7. The best principles believe in their teachers and have their backs.

8. Trust your teachers. Principals build the banks of the river but should then let the river flow.

9. Your teachers are the experts – build the structures to let teachers utilize their expertise.

10. Be honest and credible. Don’t blame the higher ups for YOUR policies and requirements.

11. Take the time to really get to know your teachers. They possess a wide range of skills, knowledge and experiences that are far beyond the regular curriculum.

12. It is extremely important to a school’s success that parents feel welcomed and comfortable.

13. Teachers NEED to always feel appreciated.

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